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Chapter 9

Gavin leaned in and kissed Adam again, letting his tongue run over his lover's teeth. Adam moaned into the kiss and opened his mouth wider for easier access. He let his hand run up and down Gavin's bare chest, reveling in the shivers and gasps he caused. The black-haired boy took on a look of determination as he let his own hands wander all over Adam's lithe yet muscular frame. No words seemed necessary at the moment … in fact, they didn't want to shatter the ethereal state they'd created.

Gavin leaned forward and touched the tip of his tongue to Adam's nipple as the other boy moaned and arched his back, tangling one hand in Gavin's midnight-colored tresses to hold him in place. But Gavin didn't appear to want to go anywhere anyway. He moved his entire body on top of Adam's, straddling his legs for added leverage. Adam sighed and whimpered softly.

Gavin worked his way over to the other nipple, giving it equal reverence and delighting in the sounds he was pulling forth from his lover. He had never been so aggressive before, not in bed or out of it, and this new experience gave him a heady sense of empowerment … made him bolder, even, as he trailed his way down Adam's taut abs to his navel. He flicked his tongue inside and out, causing Adam to writhe and whine incoherently. Gavin smiled mischievously and worked his way lower.

"I thought we were having sex," Adam gasped, realizing Gavin's target.

"First you come for me," Gavin replied in a sexy rasp. "Then I come for you."

Before Adam had a chance to think of a retort he was gasping and throwing his head back against the pillow as Gavin slowly but firmly took as much of him into his mouth as he could. They'd given each other oral attention before, but Gavin hadn't yet been able to stay on Adam long enough to make him come. Evidently, he was determined to lick that problem as well. He slowly massaged the length of Adam's throbbing shaft with his tongue then pulled his head slowly away and watched as it sprang upright in the air, sleek and shiny with his saliva. It was a fascinating sight for him. He took the thick base of it in his hand and licked his way up like it was a big, pulsating popsicle. He made sure he paid particular homage to the ultra-sensitive area just under the tip of it and Adam moaned long and loudly.

"Please … please," he kept breathing when he became coherent again.

Gavin wasn't feeling merciful at the moment however and continued his slow torment, bringing Adam to the brink of climax … only to pull him back again, He licked and laved at Adam's balls, too, gently driving his lover crazy.

"Please … Gav."

"Please …" he mimicked sweetly as he repeated the process again, making Adam wince and suck in another deep breath. "You're beautiful like this, you know."

"I … don't … torture you … like … this," Adam complained arching his back in anticipation only to be brought back from the edge again. "Please, baby," he pleaded. "I need to come."

Gavin looked up at him through sharp silver eyes and smiled. Adam did deserve to finally come, he decided. He stuck his tongue out again and laved his way back up Adam's engorged cock, slamming his mouth down around it suddenly and sucking for all he was worth. Adam's cries became frantic and he writhed and trembled, exploding into a white, hot stream right down Gavin's throat. Gavin coughed a little as he choked it down, but he refused to pull away, licking up every drop. When he was done he sat back and smiled down at his panting boyfriend, who lay soaked in sweat in the middle of the bed.

"You … are … not very … nice," Adam admonished as he caught his breath.

"Oh, come on. I was only having fun."

"You're a sadist in disguise."

"A sadist?" Gavin laughed. "If I really were you'd be tied down and still begging." He cocked his head to the side and looked at his lover. "Actually …"

"Don't even think it," Adam laughed, pulling him down to lay beside him.

"You're sticky," Gavin wrinkled his nose.

"Your fault," Adam countered, kissing him deeply and reveling in tasting himself on Gavin's lips. "So, I think you enjoyed that more than you thought you would."

"I did," Gavin smiled and straddled Adam's hips again. "And I think I'm ready to try part two."

"Wait a minute! I'm still recovering from part one."

"You're a healthy American male," Gavin shrugged. "You've got stamina."

"Oh, I do?"

"Mmm hmm." Gavin leaned in again to give Adam another soft lingering kiss. "Besides," he went on with another wicked smile. "You do want to know how good it feels from my side … don't you?"

"Yeah," Adam whispered in wonder.


Gavin reached into Adam's nightstand drawer without even looking. They'd been together long enough for the ritual to have become familiar. The only difference now would be the reversal in roles. Gavin smiled as he squeezed out a liberal amount of KY and warmed it in his hands.

"This is going to hurt a bit," he said and blushed as he looked down.

"I know," Adam replied. "It's okay."

"You promised to tell me," the smaller boy reminded him.

"And I will."

Gavin nodded and inserted one of his fingers slowly into Adam's hole, wiggling it around a bit as he remembered Adam had done for him. The bigger teen whimpered some and swiveled his hips around to help Gavin. After a moment longer, Gavin added another finger and searched for the sweet spot he knew always drove him crazy when Adam found it on him. After a little longer, he began to get frustrated about not finding it when Adam suddenly bucked up almost off the bed and squealed.

"I finally found it?" Gavin asked him excitedly.


Gavin pressed that magic button a few more times, marveling at how quickly it made Adam hard all over again. Finally, he pulled his fingers out of Adam and reached for a condom. When his own very hard shaft was sheathed he lined himself up with Adam's hole, the other helping to guide him. Then he slowly sunk down into his lover and rolled his eyes back. Adam was unbelievably tight and Gavin had never been inside anyone before. This was a brand new experience for him and he knew now what Adam wanted to share with him. He opened his eyes and looked down at his lover carefully, noting the tense expression slowly draining away. Adam relaxed and looked ready for movement. And Gavin obliged, starting an awkward and slow rhythm.

Soon the rhythm set its own pace and Gavin was lost to the sensation of Adam enveloping his cock. His eyes closed and his breathing became labored as his strokes became longer … deeper. Adam was also lost in his lover, watching Gavin's intense expression as he moved so sexily above him. He tried to hold his second orgasm back a bit but watching the beauty above him coupled with the erotic invasion just wouldn't let him. Every thrust was hitting his prostate with careful precision. Finally, he stopped fighting Gavin's gentle assault and gave into his orgasm with a cry. His walls constricted as he came all over his and Gavin's chest without Gavin even needing to touch his cock.

Gavin felt the walls close in before he heard the cry and he smiled. He knew his own climax wasn't far off and he pushed into Adam a bit harder to quicken it, wanting to come with his lover. His eyes popped open as the climax raged over him and he screamed Adam's name as he crashed over the edge of it, driving into him one last and very forceful time.

They panted in time with each other as they lay with Gavin draped all over Adam. For these few precious moments, they needed to feel each other's heartbeats, mix their sweat together … be one with each other.

"That was …" Gavin gasped.

"Indescribable," Adam finished for him.

Gavin smiled and pushed off of Adam, reaching over to the desk for the towel they'd put there before. He gently cleaned Adam's chest off first then his own. Finally, he took a tissue out of a box on the nightstand and used it to dispose of the condom.

"Now I'll probably have a hard time getting you to bottom again," Adam smirked from the bed.

"Oh, no," Gavin laughed. "I'll still want you in me, baby."

They laughed and spooned together on the bed, cuddling for a while.

"Adam!" his mother called from the bottom of the stairs. "I need help unloading the car!"

"Shit!" Adam gasped as he shot out of bed. "Okay! Be right there!"

He and Gavin hurriedly redressed, hoping they didn't look too disheveled. Then they ran down the stairs quickly.

"Oh, Gavin," Mrs. Fenson smiled when she saw him. "I'm glad you're here, too. I'm afraid I went on a buying binge at the grocery store."

Gavin smiled and nodded as he helped Adam unload the bags. They both shared a look as they worked. That was a close call, they each thought.