"Nobody Knows" 4-8-05 By: Cassandra Freiborg

I've seen the stars, they're beautiful,

on a bright and sunny day,

laying on my back, in a field,

watched, the passing month of May.

I've seen the dusty sky,

as it's clouds grew quite angry,

and though the heavens began to cry,

the sight, it did not pain me.

I've sat on a lonely bench,

watching the sunset with a friend,

no words needed exchanging,

as we watched our day end.

I've traveled through a forest,

on the outskirts of a park,

I stood there in frozen time,

locking it within my heart.

Have you ever seen a rainbow,

they are more beautiful, I know,

when you come to understand,

that there is no pot of gold.

To find the truth of things,

just watch the falling leaves,

you will see their same fate,

in your own body.

We are not unlike nature,

we are born, we live, we die,

and humans cannot live with that thought,

they don't even seem to try.

Some say life is pointless,

which is foolishness I know,

because I can find a reason to live,

in just one flake of snow.

Each drop of rain has a meaning,

each ray of sun has its place,

either way, they'll both feel spectacular,

as the fall upon your face.

So make peace with what time you have,

me-I'm headed for the open road,

I just need a few good friends,

Where we'll end up, nobody knows.

Dedicated to Maren who teaches me every day that there is more to life than school, and and pain, and trivialness. Thanks. You keep me striving for those special moments when I feel like I can be eternally happy with what time I have.