Forgive me mother
For making you shed these tears
I'm sorry if I took your heart
And filled it with darkened fears

Forgive me father
For not being the daughter you wanted
I'm sorry if by my pain
You felt like you were haunted

Forgive me sister
For not being just like you
I'm sorry if I don't look as pretty
And as beautiful as you do

Forgive me baby brother
For doing what you disgust most
I'm sorry if I made you look bad
Soon, I'll be nothing but a ghost

Forgive me my friend
For lacking what you are
I'm sorry if I made you worried
When you saw these opened scars

Forgive me my lord
For my everlasting sins
I'm sorry if I ruined
This beautiful sacred skin

Forgive me everyone
For not holding on to life
I'm sorry if I can't hold back
From reaching for my knife

Forgive me my loved ones
For the screaming and the cries
I'm sorry that my only choice
Is to say goodbye and die