Its like every day has been written out,

Each moment like a move scene,

I'll see these people I know nothing about,

Not quite there, out of the ordinary they always seem,

It's the sad girl all alone,

A depressed look sets the scene,

Single tear, melodious tone,

Falls from eyes of faded green,

The other kids walk on,

Pretending not to know,

How every day that's gone

Will always leave her low.

You see this girl in Hollywood,

They made her for a movie,

And if there's one, you never should

Laugh when she says groovy.

A moment passes, the girl is gone.

Faded like her eyes.

Yet you can't help to be drawn,

To angry children's cries.

This brings you to a boy with out friends,

They turn when he says "hi."

Now we see as his mind bends,

A silent wave goodbye.

Down with a bang

He planned to go.

Out with a punch

He never meant to throw.

But life will piss on you like that

And there's no way else to live.

Roaming like a homeless cat

Take what they will give.

Music fades, the lights go dim.

Another scene left to the past.

A moment of peace leaves an audience grim,

But the silence, we know, won't last.

I'm left alone to ponder

The afterthoughts that no one sees,

When the curtain's down my mind wanders,

And there's no one left to please.