Long Journey

By:Andrew Troy KeIler

It was three whole days after we had Earth's atmosphere

And we were all still having this deep rooted fear

That if the sun does explode,we have to roam

The entire universe in order to find a new home

And give the name Earth Two to our new sphere.

Sure enough,after the sun had exploded,each and every

Member of the crew of the NASA Space Shuttle Rodenberry

Had already gotten started on finding Earth Two and setting

A course for our new home,before things would start getting

Out of control--even for our commanding officer,Captain Jenny

Applegate,who used to answer to Earth's Star Corps Command.

But that was before our own sun went supernova and

Gave her no choice,but to listen to what her

Very own insides tell her to do and what orders

To give in order for us to survive this wasteland

Of the entire universe until we finally reach our new

Home and give a new purpose to the entire crew.

And even though it has been a really long journey,

All the crew members of the NASA Space Shuttle Rodenberry

Had finally arrived at the planet we call Earth Two.

It is now three months after we had arrived at

Our new homeworld and Jenny had given herself a pat

On the back,for she was able to do her

Job and help us escape our own planet's ultimate disaster

And find us a new home planet--and that's that.