Every 15 Minutes

Author Note: we had one of those every fifteen minutes things at skool, so I wrote this based on the whole thing. Hope you like it. Please review!!

Shattered glass heart beats the loud chrunch your blood on my shaking hands something unexpected happened to us tonight blood smeared on the steering hands swerved the wheel suden silence then cries and screams meet my ears a sudden burst of sound the number dialed my voice cracks the words come out after my faileda ttempts I knew that this this would end the last way I expected blood on my knees glass cuts my cheek

You turn to me weakly and whisper I love you I reply that I love you too my hand in yours telling you it's all going to be okay but I doubt that your shallow breaths scare me your close to death

flashing lights sirens wail my heart speeds up my grip on you gets tighter my hope you live becomes real the other car stares me down and I want to run far from here go back in time because I have this sinking feeling this will be the last day of your life

The thought grips me and my cries become ragged and my breath becomes harder as I realize the officers want me to leave your side

As I leave you give you a kiss on the cheek say I'll be back soon you give me a weak smile trying to hide the pain but I know that I won't be able to tell you it ever again

the thought makes me want to turn back and hold your hand but they want me to go to question me and they say that you'll get the help you need as they take you away and help you

But there is no helping it all seems like a nightmare that I could wake up from but I can't lie to myself

The driver of the other car is brought where I stand and I cry on his shoulder the cops put a blanket around my shoulders not that it will help

They ask me if you were drinking Which I know that you weren't you wouldn't drink and drive but i can't say as much for the young boy next to me I know hes my age which makes me want to cry for him too and the friends he'll lose tonight

Hes now crying as am I they decide that you have a chance and a helicopter takes you away the blades turn and I'm taken to the station to get picked up and in silence not sure how it happened it was too fast not sure where you are or if you're still with me but when my mom comes and takes me home in dead silence I get the call from your parents saying you're in critical condition

These are your final moments and I want to say goodbye but a flicker of hope runs through my veins like sudden adrenaline and when i get to the hospital theres a strange sense of forboding doom

I walk towards where your parents are waiting your mother holds my hand and we cry together for you and for this and for the future thats being shattered in these few hours

Your father is desperately trying to hodl together but when you're pronounced dead he breaks down he doesn't want this to end like this his only son dying before him before he has a chance to really live

In this bleached white room I get to say my final goodbye to you and it feels as if you're going to open your eyes, but I know that won't happen

You weren't supposed to die not today, not tommorow not in a car crash at the age of 17 on our way to our friends'
on this sixth month anniversary you weren't supposed to die

The funeral was hard to bear being there hearing stories being told about you makes it sound as if you're still here which only makes it harder

I wish it was true but the only problem is that you won't dressing in black makes the scene more depressing

I hold onto the edge of this seat and I know that it can't ever be the same this life I'm living seems like nothing

And the images keep replaying your last words are on repeat I wish it would end this pain I feel seeing your clothes in my closet finding gifts you'd sent

Your screename forever offline and reading the last comments you've left for me on my profile the last emails and pictures make this harder I know I can't just forget about you

And life after it all has never been the same as I walk down th street where it happened the blood is gone but the memories remain all the same

My eyes blink back these tears and I know this isn't how its supposed to be you're not supposed to die at 17

I can't handle this moment I want to just let go but I remember that you wouldn't want me to live like this you'd want me to just remember you're name