The pale moon danced through the midnight air; lending it's yellow light as guidance to the creatures stirring about upon the forested earth below. Among them was a woman, full of youth such as the new spring leaves that resided upon the very trees she ran past now. Her barren white feet made no noise as they fell gently onto the forest floor. Her shimmering snow white hair flew up behind her due to the soft breeze her body had created as she ran.

The girl had been running all night. Her breathing had gone rough, but the young girl was relentless. In her arms was nested a small kit. The baby fox was a great contrast in appearance from the pale girl (whom hadpale hair, eyes, and clothes to match) that had embraced it. The tiny red fox had fallen asleep, woozy from the loss of blood it had received.

The young girl had rescued the poor baby after it's foot had been caught within a bear trap. She'd come across the baby while it was in the dreadful process of removing it's own limb via the sharp teeth in it's own mouth. She'd managed to pry it free before the entire limb was removed, but she still knew the fox risked death if it continued to bleed in such a manner.

The girl, with a wisdom that was beyond the youth she had, possessed a sense of pity and empathy for the beast. She understood what it meant to cause one's self pain. She understood what it was to risk death by causing yourself harm, and that is why she pitied the creature. For, like herself, it felt it had no options left. It relied on the pain so that it could survive, and she understood.

She looked down at the kit, giving a hopeful smile to it, trying to explain to the creature that everything would be alright without speaking the words. For, she was well aware that the fox would not understand what she'd say, and so she did her best to explain to him without words that everything would be alright. She'd tried so many times to tell herself the words, and somehow she was comforted in comforting the creature.

Yes, everything would be alright. She lifted her head, those pale blue eyes catching sight of a trail of smoke that come up from the fire stack of her home. She gave a faint smile, petting the sleeping fox behind the ears and running up onto her porch. She knew it now. Everything would be alright. She could save another creature, and if she could do that then certainly she could save herself. She took comfort through the wounds of the animal, just by knowing that even with the pain he may live. She was comforted, knowing that even with her own pain in life, she may live. Youth was what she had, but peace in old age was all she hoped to gain.