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Now, onto the other reason this is here. This is an index of the spells and a few names that i used that have actual meanings to them. some are pretty funny, and most are Latin. I didn't include the spells or names that I made up. If you want me to, I will, but these are the ones that mean something in another language. Enjoy :) I hope it's somewhat helpful.

Exitium—it's the wind/lightning spell Matt uses during the tournament. It's a Latin word meaning "destruction" or "ruin"

Kirosu—the type of blade that Sarah has. This came from a Japanese word that I shorted and mixed letters from. The original word was Kikirosu, meaning "to slay"

Sano—the name of Matt's healer. It literally means "to heal"

Ignus—the spell Matt uses when fighting the "black sorcerer". It means "fire"

Viator—it's the type of demon that breaks Matt's Arm. It means "messenger"

Vidarium—came from the Latin word Vividarium, meaning "garden." I just took off the first syllable.

Xystus—the name of the dragon king :) Haha…his name has a pretty weird meaning. It's Latin and it means "tree-lined road"

Pelinae—the stone in Xystus's sealing room. I took the word Xerampelinae, a Latin word, and used only the last half. Pelinae has no meaning on its own, but Xerampelinae means "red clothes"

Signum—this is the word that begins all sealing spells. It literally means "seal"

Vires—this is the last part of the sealing spell that seals magic. It means "power" or "strength"

Desino—the first part of the anti-sealing spells. Xystus uses one after Matt casts the Signum Vires accidentally. It means "to stop" or "to end"

Pravus—the second part of the sealing spell that Matt uses on the ogres. It means "evil" or "wicked"

Intervigilium—the spell Matt uses to put everyone to sleep in the governor's house. It literally means "sleep"

Hatsudan—the earth spell Matt uses in chapter 21. This word doesn't have a direct meaning, but Hatsu is a Japanese word found in many things that have to do with exploding. Fuhatsudan means "Unexploded shell" or "dud", so if you take off the fu part, you get Hatsudan.

Vigil—this means "watchman" but you already knew that since I mentioned it in the story. Besides, it's a dictionary word. It is Latin though.

Inaudax—the spell Matt uses in Vigil to kill the hybrids. It's meaning has nothing to do with the spell itself. It means "cowardice"

Xiphias—you already know who he is, so I won't explain that. Hehe…his name is kinda funny. It's Latin, and it means "swordfish"

Inandantia—the water spell Matt uses when Darik is burning. It means "flood"

Ekoudan—the fire/dark spell that was used to destroy the Argon Valley. It came from the Japanese word, spelt Eikoudan, meaning "flare bomb".

Infero—the second part of a sealing spell mentioned in chapter 34. It can mean either "cause" or "conclude"

Xeram—a spell Matt uses during his fight with Davin. It's the other part of the word Xerampelinae that I mentioned earlier.

Ventosus—a wind spell that Reivin uses. It means "windy"

Revoco Replitus—the spell Arli uses to revive Matt. Revoco means "to call back" or "recover" and Replitus came from the word Repletus, which means "full"

Dargon—the second half of the sealing spell for dragons. Arli casts it on Reivin. Dargon doesn't have any special meaning, but since I listed all the other sealing spells, I decided to list this one two. Dargon is just Dragon with the "a" and the "r" switched around.

"Adustum, terra, fons, ventus, perculsus, levis, ater, nemorosus, lamnia, vomica, medicor, ara"—this is the chant that Matt says before casting the Iudicium. Each word is the name of one of the talismans…well, sort of. Not in such a literal sense for some of them. So let's see here…going in order, the words mean "burn, earth, fresh water, wind, shock, light, dark, wooded, metal, curse, cure, protection". They all coincide with the talismans. It's pretty easy to tell which one is which.

Iudicium—the spell using the Sepfeer talismans. It means "judgment"