Anubis: This is a very small story. I had to write it so small because it was a task in English. It was really hard but I'm happy with what I came up with. I decided to put it up for the heck of it. I'm considering making a story and this is one of the scenes along with one that accompanies it but I'm not sure yet.


The midday sun engulfed the dry desert and the small town that was built on it. Tumbleweed rolled down the empty streets. Dust from a dry wind clotted the air.

The silence was suddenly broken by the thunderous sound of racing hooves. The pack of horses and their riders galloped down the street, halting sharply outside the tavern. Curious people looked out of window and doorways.

The leader dismounted, landing with a soft 'thud' on the baking earth. A wide-eyed child gripped his mother's skirt tighter. The sound of clicking spurs filled the quiet street. The stranger approached the wooden step just as the town sheriff exited through the saloon doors, his badge shinning dully through its dirt covering.

"You're not welcome in this town."

No response. A horse whinnied in the pack, another answered from a stable.

"Why are you here, outlaw?" the sheriff asked impatiently. The stranger's porcelain- lipped smile went unnoticed behind their veiled mouth.


Anubis: Ok, who liked it? Anyone? I also want to point something out. I know a group of horses is called a herd but I liked the sound of pack better for some unknown reason. Well R and R.