Tears of Blue and Heart of Gold

Tears of blue roll down my cheeks

My face is pale, my knees are weak

I see you off; the sun has set

A crimson red; don't go…not yet

Your sweet embrace is what I pray

In hopes we meet again someday

But what if war will take it's toll?

What if the heads begin to roll?

What if yours truly kills you now?

The seeds of love I then will sow

For if you call me by and through

I'll call and come right back to you

My heart has fallen, as has night

This time, there'll be no morning light

I go inside and weep throughout

I cry and scream, I rage and shout

I think of you, your heart of gold

Your eyes, which freeze and grow so cold

For if in fact your tombstone calls

With you I'll stay, with you I'll fall.