False Alarm

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?


For they are known to be hot


Too clean


Too pretty

I was told to look upon thee

With fear in my heart

Or turn a blind eye

As you were repulsive, I hid from thee

But I ne'er saw so fair a creature

Until I laid my eyes upon you

And was forced to gaze deeper

Your chestnut eyes with mascara

Thicker than your rancid perfume

Compelled me to look into your soul

Past your face, smothered in flour

And yellow blemishes

You insist are natural

My queue to inquire no more

Perhaps your walk mimics that of a penguin

And your voice, shrill as that of a dishwasher

Devouring glass

But all these things were known too late

I could not will myself to hate

Your radiance forced me to look within

To ask myself, what is disgusting?

It is neither hand, nor foot, nor any part

Belonging to thee

Nay…I believe it's that red thing

That used to talk to me

Before you donated it to science

Perhaps your pictorial language

And constricted clothing that leaves nothing

To the imagination

But somehow, every time I gaze upon

Your fair figure

I'm filled with a feeling

I've never felt before

Someone once called it love

But then I threw up

So I guess the shivers were a false alarm

Still I dream of you every night

How can you leave me so unsatisfied?

All I ask of thee,

The least you could do for me,

To quell my lonely mind

Of your delightful rash

And your graceful walk

And the lovely experiences

I have in my mind

As I stare into your eyes

Without taking medication

Is pay for my therapy