Such the extraordinary and simple thing,

Not defined on to who it may go,

Both light and dark, perchance it bring,

There during all high and low.

Far to effortlessly broken

By those who do not care.

Some have taken it for a token,

Leaving the bearer in despair.

Hard to survive, forced on.

Some call it the bringer of light,

But all it has brought is tears during the night.



Sitting in the dark alone

Sends chills to the bone.

Always living I despair,

Barely worth the repair.

Even see the rise of the moon?

Or even live past noon?

In creeps the light;

Becoming blinded by the bright.

Is it the start of a new day?

Of just another way?

The confusion of sadness

A feeling most repress

It is better in the morning

When life appears more adoring.



Everyday forgotten,

Is the voice heard hardly ever.

It was bound to happen

From only a shadow in life,

Where nothing is ever really expected.

Feels grief and strife?

That notion they have fully rejected.

There is no place to fit in.

Often simply looked over

And questions go unanswered again.

Smiling is the perfect cover.

Trying to keep head high and proud,

All while only a face in the crowd.