My ears were ringing as the last played chord echoed throughout the stadium. I screamed out my support and appreciation before turning to my friends.

"I swear they get better every time!" I said breathlessly.

"And to think," Indy began, cocking an eyebrow, "that you could have missed all of this." With the last sentence said he gestured to the crowds around us, and finally to Leif up on stage.

I gave him a light push and turned back to gaze up at Leif in adoration. He was so perfect. But Indy was right, I could have missed all of this. I guess I wasn't the only one who remembered that it was this day six years ago that I'd been more than ready to leave San Diego, more than ready to leave my friends and the boy of my dreams behind. It felt so long ago, it felt like decades instead of the much shorter time span that it actually was. That day I'd realized my mistake as soon as the boarding pass had reached my hand.

"I'm sorry dad," I had whispered.

"What? What are you sorry for?" he'd asked, confused.

"For this," I whispered to him.

Then I'd bolted. I guessed Leif probably would have headed straight home so I ran for the main entrance. Luckily I had been right, he was just preparing to cross the road into the carpark when I saw him. I'd ran up to him, grabbed his shirt and pulled him back.

"What the –"

I cut him off by kissing him.

"I'm in love with you too Leif," I told him, before kissing him firmly once more.

I smiled to myself at the recollection and cheered frantically as Leif started to address the crowd of screaming and obsessed fans. Hey, who could blame them?

"Hello San Diego!" he shouted into the microphone. The crowd screamed back at him and Leif chuckled. "God it's good to be back here! How mad has our touring been!" He waited for the crowd to settle down again before continuing. "You know, I never thought I'd be here today, six years ago when we started up I never imagined standing here and getting to address thousands of people!"

On stage Devon and the other two members Sam and Devon's brother, Damien groaned, "shut up man," Devon complained, throwing his water bottle at him.

Leif laughed and we all watched on as the band let themselves get into a full-blown water fight.

"You ever regret denying the chance to be their drummer?" Vogue asked.

I turned to look at her held firmly within my brother's arms. The day when Toby had announced it was actually Vogue he'd secretly been chasing all those years was one of the most shocking days of my life. Who would have known she'd always deeply respected him and even liked him back. Ryder seemed cool with the whole situation, he still went from girl to girl, never settling down no matter how happy he seemed. Some people never change, though with Ryder I could never see him any different. We loved him for who he was.

"No, not really. The whole being in a band thing isn't my scene anyway, I'm more content with being Leif's personal groupie," I joked.

A frown crossed Toby's face but he wiped it immediately when Vogue laughed then planted a small kiss on his chin.

"Please, no more stories of your sex exploits!" Indy begged, holding up his hands.

"Did that sentence even make sense?" Ryder asked, blowing some smoke out of the corner of his mouth.

His question went unanswered as Resolution's manager came on stage and demanded for the boys to settle down. They did so begrudgingly and Devon grabbed a mic of his own.

"Ok, ok, looks like we're going to have to pay for the damage we just caused," he told us jokingly, glancing around the stage. "So! Everyone! A little trivia, who knows how this band got together?"

People screamed out answers but all were fairly wrong, some people were close while others needed to just shut up.

"We actually got together because of a school project," Leif took over. "But back then it was myself, Dev, a guy named Tyson and another member called Sen."

I turned to my friends, "what are they doing?"

They all shrugged and avoided my look. I frowned and turned back to the stage.

"So we've got a treat for you tonight!" Devon boasted.

Then to everyone's competed shock out walked Tyson. From the right of the stage he just strolled on and accepted Sam's guitar.

"Obviously that's Tyson. He's going to help us play the first song we ever wrote," Leif informed us all. "So that means," he searched me out in the crowd and found me almost immediately. "That means Sen, you'll have to come up here too."

I shook my head but Devon, Leif and Tyson started coaxing me on.

"Get up there," Indy told me, pushing me towards the front.

By now people had realized I was the girl they were talking about and they moved to let me through. We were close to the very front so I only had a bit to walk before I was climbing over the bar and hoping up on the stage.

"What in God's name are you doing Leif?" I asked him, smiling as I accepted Damien's sticks.

"Knock them out girl," Damien told me, giving me a thumbs up.

"It's ok," Leif said into the mic. "Everyone, this is Sienna. Now, Sen, take your place and we'll start."

I looked out at the crowd. I couldn't do this! I was so nervous. Sure, once of twice I'd filled in for Damien when he was unwell, but never in front of this many people! There was at least nine thousand! If not more! The band had really skyrocketed into the music industry and how could they just expect me to play without having a proper practice or anything! But of course, Leif's eyes convinced me everything would be ok and I found myself nervously taking my place behind the kit and flexing my fingers. Everyone else was ready and 'Falling in Place' started with me.

So I took in a deep breath and played. It was a fairly simple drumbeat, and soon I was enjoying myself and singing along with the boys as we progressed through the song. It was amazing to sit here and watch the crowd move like water, as they moshed along to the chorus and verses. When we ended the sound hit me like a wall. The screams and cheers were deafening. Tyson had placed his guitar down and mocked bowed at the audience so I left my seat and went to stand beside Devon.

"Bow Sen," Tyson told me, giving me a warm hug, "how have you been?"

"Great Tyson, yourself?" I asked, before curtsying stupidly to the audience.

"Fucking brilliant," he replied before jumping off the stage.

I made to follow him but Leif held me back.

"Sen, wait up a tic."

I turned and gasped in surprise as the lighting changed dramatically from the harsh white to a softer setting. Leif was holding an electric-acoustic guitar and was strumming softly. Unless my ears were deceiving he was playing 'Seasons' by Good Charlotte.

"Remember this?" Leif asked, a crooked smile fixed on his face.

I nodded dumbfounded. Surely he wasn't going to … he wasn't going to serenade me in front of so many people. He just couldn't. He wouldn't. The answer? Yes. He was going to sing to me that song, and he sung it just like he did the day in the airport. I brought my hands to my mouth in a praying fashion as Leif neared the end. Everything was so beautiful, I even forgot there were heaps of other people watching us, I was lost in Leif's eyes. It was at the end of the song that I noticed that Leif had changed it; he'd changed it drastically.

"Sen, I'm asking you right now to marry me," he sung clearly, to the tune of 'Emily'. Tears sprung to my eyes immediately as he got down on one leg and withdrew a black velvet box. "So please just say that yes, you'll marry me," he finished softly.

I sniffed unobtrusively and pressed my lips together. "Yes," I whispered quietly, so that only he would hear me. "I will."

I gave him my hand and Leif slipped on the gorgeous silver engagement ring. Then he rose and kissed me so softly to the sounds of cheering ringing in our ears.

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