Footsteps pounded against the hard tile floor, echoing through the hallway. Riley sat in one of the many wooden benches lined up against the side of the wall, fiddling with her tiny red purse as she swung her legs side to side impatiently. A moment passed before she felt someone sit down beside her, willing her emerald eyes to flicker to the right. A smile curved her lips as she landed on a familiar blonde headed figure her with shimmering blue orbs.

"Hey Cass," Riley greeted, pulling a strand of her black hair behind her ears. "What took you so long?"

"Oh, you know." Cass shrugged limply and heaved a deep sigh. "I was talking to Mr. Krad about my audition for the school play. You know the one - I told you about how I wanted to play Lucy?"

Riley stiffened a bit, swallowing hard and nodding. "Wh- what about it?"

"Well it turns out," Cass growled, "that someone already has the part!" She turned her body slightly, shoving her crimson face in Riley's' as she ranted. "Can you believe that?! Some girl just walked in, asked if she could try out and… and got the part!"

Riley watched her hyperventilating friend, cautiously tugging onto the collar of her shirt and letting out a strangled laugh. "I'm really sorry to hear about that Cass… I- I know how much you wanted that-,"

"You're damn right I wanted that part!" Cass stomped her foot as her lower lip jabbed out into a very dramatic pout.

"I-I'm sure whoever got the part deserved and-,"

"Who ever got that part," Cass breathed, "is going to die a very, very slow death."

Riley paled and tried to sink through the bench, very nerved by her friend's foul mood. "If it makes you feel any better," she put in solemnly, "I think things aren't going too well with Ben."

Cass's heavy breathing came to a sudden stop as she whipped her head in Riley's direction. "Oh?" she asked, trying to remain casual, but failing miserably as she bit her lip and clutched onto the arm of the bench. "Why would to think that?"

Riley's eyebrows furrowed, a deep frown marking her pretty face. "He's never around that much anymore. Always busy, and doesn't come up with a good excuse half the time." As Riley spoke, Cass suddenly found a new fascination with her lavender coated nails. "Why, just today I asked him to hang out with me while I waited for you but he said he was being tutored in math and couldn't miss the lessen." There was a pause where Riley stared at Cass, who was slowly sliding off the bench. Riley screamed, "HE GET'S A FOUR POINT OH AVERAGE CONSTANTLY! HE"S GETTING 98 PERCENT IN MATH RIGHT NOW!" r
Cass gazed at her friend whose emerald eyes remained her of delicate glass.

"What am I going to do!?" Riley wailed, burying her head in her hands. "He's either cheating or hates spending time with me."

Very carefully, as if daring to touch fire, Cass patted Riley's back. "There, there Riles… I'm sure its nothing."

"Y- you don't think he is?"

"Of course he's not," Cass spluttered quickly. She felt Riley lay a suspicious eye on her. "I mean… how could he?"

Riley nodded numbly. "Thanks Cass." She picked up her purse and stood from the bench. "Well… I guess we should get started on that project. I have to be back at the drama room at five for- well um…"

Cass raised a blonde eyebrow. "Um what Riles?" She suddenly gasped excitedly, jumping up and down. "Oh my gosh ! Are you trying out for that Russian girl like I suggested? The one with the unibrow?"

"Err… yeah." Riley said slowly. "The Russian girl… but who knows what I'll end up with," she shrugged a small chuckle escaping her.

"Okay," Cass said airily. "But I think the Russian girl would suit you."

Riley pursed her lips, her eyes turning into a deep forest green.. "Right, the Russian girl. Fine."

A/N- this is basically a collection of samples I've done in my creative writing class. I thought some of them might be a fun read so I'll gradually put more up as I go along. This particular assignment's criteria was to have two characters who both had a secret, and show the reader what the secret of each individual character was, without the other character discovering, or coming right out and saying it.

Can you guess what their secrets are?