Marking in Red

Silent tears escaped her vibrant blue eyes, wet and hot, burning down her fair, delicate skin as she stood and stared in horror of her own hands that where covered with dry blood. She glanced shamefully away from her hands and looked down from where she stood on the hilltop, facing Avissa. It was a small, ordinary town in which good people lived, but now Alexis saw it was no more. Burnt to the ground on this crimson painted chorale black night there were no survivors, save for Alexis. However, she was not surprised in the least that she had survived.

It seemed as if she was possessed. She couldn't arouse any memories of the events leading towards the tragedy, nor during the slaughter itself. Was it truly her own hands that cast fire upon her town? Was it truly her, who set it upon herself to slay every man that attempted to stop her, without a second thought? To kill those that she knew and grew up with; was this truly her doing? She was only fifteen summers, but everything she doubted and refused to acknowledge had to be true, for she knew at the back of her mind where she forbade the truth to exist it breathed accusations at her in its every living wake. It was not as if someone could possess her mind and body. She believed that she was strong enough to control herself. After all, she was considered a very powerful mage, and one of the most powerful at that.

She was sure now. She was the only one who could be blamed. Although the memories were faint, they were hers, and hers alone. She tried to control herself, this time emotionally. She tried to stop the tears as they rained down and drenched her dirty face by pushing them behind her eyes and locking them up where they belonged, but it was a hopeless attempt. As guilt swelled in her heart to the pointed where she could no longer hold herself steady on her feet, her knees gave way and she fell to the ground, giving into un-controlling sobs.

A/N – I'm really not sure what this is. I just came across it on my old, old computer, and was very surprised. At first I didn't think it was me who wrote it because then it would have been about two years ago and I didn't think it was that good, but then as I schooled down, past this (which is the prologue) it turned into crap again and I remembered writing it. I fixed this up quite a bit actually, and am very happy with it. I will not be posting the rest though because it's really stupid. However, it has inspired a story in me which I will write in the fare, dare future because I have no idea how I'm going to make it work yet. Enjoy this for now, though.

The title comes into later of the story… if it's still the same idea that I have now when I think it over more