Wild One- Leeona Trance

Chapter Three- Questions

A/N: This story will be based loosely on my short story Speak With the Hidden. It's not necessary to read it in order to get any details; there aren't any in that story. Any development of the werewolf curse will be in this one.

The coming of dawn found me in my true form dozing under a blanket. M y mother stood off to the side, gazing out the tiny basement window near the ceiling. Looking at her, I thought of a beautiful captive of war.

I was captivated until she turned and saw me watching her. "You're awake. Good. I was beginning to worry. Not often does someone fall asleep on the night of their first change." She paused to come and sit next to me, wrapped in her own blanket. "You probably have a great load of questions, don't you?" I said nothing, only stared at my wiggling toes. I still wasn't sure if I'd really turned into a wolf…

My mom interrupted the flow of my thoughts. "It's alright if you don't have anything to ask, either. I know you'll be curious eventually; whenever you need me to, I'll be ready to answer."

She started to rise, but I reached out and grabbed her arm. Judging by the worried look on my mother's face, there had to be a feverish glint to my eyes as I asked, "What happened on the bus?"

My mother sat slowly back down, holding my gaze and my hand. "You changed on the bus, and… you attacked Kai." I was overcome with disgust. How could I do that to one of my best friends? "We're moving as soon as possible."

I had no reply to that. I went back to staring at my feet. "I'm not grasping this, Mom. I can't believe that a black witch cursed our family. I can't even believe that we can trace out lineage back that far. I'm sorry."

She didn't seem disappointed that I didn't believe her. In fact, she smiled. "I know how you feel. But we're moving somewhere far away from the city, nearer to wilderness. It will make more sense to you when you can run in the woods instead of being locked in the basement." She patted my shoulder. "Well, now that you're awake, I'm going to go make breakfast. Come up whenever you want."

I sat there, gathering my thoughts, before I followed her. She offered me a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast. I took a slice of bacon and went up to my room, where I picked up my violin. Ah, violino, I thought, tuning it gently.

I spent the next few hours improvising angry and confused symphonies.

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