Midland Rules

3 ways to get to Heaven- 1) Evaluate your life until you find out what in your life put you there 2) Endure your personal hell and turn it into heaven 3) Be a guardian angel to someone and watch over, inspire, and guide the person till the person life is happy, safe, complete. And remember you have no power changing the past (unless your change is just and is approved) but you could change the present-for the better that is. Guardian angels can guard people in the past, that is, in fact, how most famous scientists and artists in the past got their inspirations and visions (and don't use the old "guardian angel" excuse to try to change the past to your needs)

Things to do in Midland- haunt houses, spy on strangers, teleport to any point in time or place on earth, fly/float, walk through walls and floor, watch over loved ones, talk to living souls from the past or present in their dreams, hang out with your past self (in dreams), be a "imaginary" friend, possessing a living person's body

Beware: When you're in Midland and you're thinking about haunting houses or possessing anybody you have to very cautious because if you haunt a house or posses one person too much they could get a priest who would send you to hell so be very careful