Refulgent Genesis

The sun burst forth with a shimmer of white light. She tittered in amusement, a sweet young child.

As quickly as the smile broke free, it hid far away among the clouds. The child blinked once. She was curious, she was in pain, she was hopeful, but she was not aware.

Lost, curious, inquisitive, trusting. Forever in a moment, an equation that led to nothing.

The clouds were forever shadows on her life, looming beyond the horizon; shielding her from the visions of a land too far to cross.

Haplessly, she ran, seeking her melodious new beginnings, reaching forward to her guiding lights.

Unsteady, she fell, unable to tread the walks of life. Still only a child, but forever wanting more.

Seering thorns tore her flesh as she struggled to raise her small, thin body. Her crystal blood flowed like a whisper into the earth, quenching its thirst.

Struggling, she broke free, feeling the warmth of the dawn as it finally seeped through. Large arms lifted her. Strong, yet comforting and gentle, hands scarred by the trials of time.

He turned her towards the light, towards the beginning, towards the end. He led her to a bright glow, the doorway to her future. The shades of love embraced her, hued in brilliant tones.

The wind was still. Her path was clear.

She clung to him then, afraid, unsure. Her tiny hand grasped his. The overpowering grip seemed to loom over her like a daunting memory. His hand was so much larger than hers. But she was not fearful of him. And so with all of her faith, she clinged to his embrace.

She had been sold false dreams. She had been fed naivety of the ages. She had been lured by the mirage of the unforseen, of the unknown. She had been ignorant.

The bright day crescendoed into a zenith, and they began to run. Away from the misgivings of a world too far-gone, too enchanting. They had been given a new path, a new direction.

And just as quickly as he had come, he let go, his hand slipping gracefully from her grip. She was alone once again, in a world that had sprung anew. A world that she was afraid to know, a world that had scarred her once before. She heard the voices that had haunted her return once more.

But she did not feel the pain.

She had let the chains loose, she had set herself free. She had once been vulnerable, but that was no more.

Now, she was alone, but not lonely. Confident but not assured. Simple, but not naive. Aware, but not attentive. Shrewd, but not paranoid. Hopeful, but not expectant. Hesitant, but not fearful.

Loved, but not blinded.

She was alive.

Taking one last glance at her past, at her present, at her future, she pushed it all from her mind and headed towards her new path.

And the light of the dawn began to dim...