Can't he please stop
and think some time
He, always wonders
"can she be mine?
An angel not close
to airheads," he'd say
"You light up my soul
any time, any day.
My heart inside trembles
thy beauty's delight
Ay! Goodness angel-
why can't we be right?!"

Her brown eyes gaze down
too shameful of guilt
Thy Heaven's forbade
and our love shall wilt!
"I cannot risk so
News they shan't hear
To open our secret
Will end up in tears
Please do not bathe
Soft pleasant kisses,
Please do not look for
some kind, loving wishes."

"Regardless of
what fate is to come-
you, my dear angel
you are the one!"

"Give it some time!"
"No it shan't be so!"
"Have you gone insane?"
"Don't you think so?"

"If you are so eager
Look at my face
Kiss me to death
And take me away!"

"Oh, are you sure?
I think that's a bit rash,"
"So you're regretting?"
"Did I say that?!"

At this moment
our story's begun
will these two meet
and leave love anon?"

Leave me a comment
and let me know,
Should I continue
Or shall I leave so?