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1. I'M NOT RELIGIOUS and this story comes from my imagination.

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3. This is the prologue for a future story of mine but I need more information and I don't own a bible. DOES ANYONE KNOW A GOOD WEBSITE?

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Fall from Grace

Abishah stood silently by her lover's side. Never before would she have thought she would be on opposite sides to her father. But now she was.

And her reason for such action?

For love of course. An arm snaked around her waist and she turned her head slightly. Yes, it was all for him. His unnatural black hair and eyes as dark and cold as the cosmos she represented.

She would do anything for him.



Defy her father's wishes and give up her rightful place in heaven.

It was a risk she was willing to take. She may not have agreed with all of her lover's ideas, including this one, but she was so madly in love, she'd do anything.

A hundred paces away stood Michael, an Archangel, and around him were hundreds of other angels just like him….just like her. There were fewer on Abishah's side but they were fighting strongly for something they believed in and many were willing to stake their places in Heaven for this fight.

A fight that would divide a realm.

The Battle of Heaven.