(This something I jotted down a long time ago. I'm so happy!!! In total, I ahve 5 reviews!!! Enjoy!)

Here I Am

Here I am, calling out to you.

'Won't you please let me go?'

You don't seem to understand

I want to be left alone.

Here I am, silently screaming,

'When will all this end?'

But my question goes unanswered

My wounds will go unmend (ed)

Here I am, by myself,

Choking on my tears

No one to help me

Fight my twisted fears

Here I am, drowning

in my sorrow

Hoping for the day

Where's no tomorrow

There you are, you always

help me see the light

'Why did I let you go?'

'Why did I fight?'

There you are, coming

Back to me .

To forgive me for my

errors, and to help me see.