There once was a time when I'd traveled

Far and had seen a lot of things

When I'd just happened to come across

A lot of truly strange rings

They'd somehow manged to find

Their way into my pouches-dear

I decided to borrow them awhile

And maybe return them next year

I began making my way away

When off went the store's alarm

A man came up and yelled at me

Then proceeded to grab my arm

I tried to tell him I didn't know

That the rings belonged to him

He had me thrown into a jail

And things started to look grim

But everything just evened out

When I met my new cellmate

Though whenever I started to talk

He got really irate

One time he smacked his head

Against the wall, again and again

He kept saying funny things to me

Like telling me I was insane!

I really love when I travel

There's so many neat things to see

I'll have to start up once again

...As soon as the cops let me free.