Much to everyone's surprise, and a large amount of fear, several hundred thousand tons of rock was held suspended 10 to 15 miles above the ground. This was only an estimate, as nothing seemed to be able to get within a couple of miles of the floating mass. And while the provisional world government tried to keep the people from panicking, its job was made all the more difficult as the airborne land mass seemed to move with unsettling speed, having circled the earth twice in one week. Tension mounted as the thought of whatever force that was holding it up suddenly disappearing and a mountains worth of rock falling came creeping into the people's minds. Where will it fall, when will it drop, what's holding it up, Where did it come from? The answer eluded most of the people, but for a minor few of the earth bound population, the answers to some of the questions being asked were terrifying.

Sooner or later everyone came to the same conclusion about what the land mass was; the psychic homeland, the city-state of New Sanctuary. Previously invisible to the normal humans of earth, the earthbound psychics new it should have been anchored over the pacific, leaving one question in their minds. What happened?

Normally, it would take hundreds of psychics working together to even budge the island, not even the Prim, the psychic leader, had that much power at his disposal. For two weeks, the earthbound world held its breath, until, just as New Sanctuary passed over the Eurasian convenient, the flying city-state fell.