Nick was only 16, but he had given up on life a while ago. It really wasn't too much that finally pushed him off the edge. Nick was, regretibly single. His last girlfriend broke his heart into a million little peices, but she was kind enough to lend him super-glue to fix it afterward.

Like was said, it wasn't much to set Nick off a final and possibly fatal time.

"Nick, guess what?" His best friend Sara asked with her usual preppy/hyper disposition.
Nick rolled his eyes slightly, merely meaning it as a joke... Honestly, Nick half expected, half wanted, Sara to say she liked him, because he liked her for a long time. "What is it, queen gumdrops? Break a nail"
Sara giggled, that was what she did. "No... Me and Greg are going out"
Nick stared for a moment.
"Nick? Nick where are you going? Are you okay?" Her voiced trailed off as he left her behind.

Nick layed down on his bed and turned his radio on, some love song came on... He threw his chair at it and broke it and the chair. He reached into his mattress and pulled back a set of bloody fingers. He swore a bit and tried again. This time he pulled out a very large and very sharp razor blade. He put it to his wrist...

The phone rang and out of sheer terror, since no one ever calls his phoneline and everyone just calls the main one, he dropped the razor. Nick dove for the phone and answered it with a shaky hand.
"Hey hun," said the soothing voice on the other end. "It's Marie"
Nick shook slightly. "I know." he really didn't.
"Oh okay, so what's up babe"
"Umm, nothing much... How about with you"
"Umm..." He pushed the razors under his bed. "Nothing really just hanging out. How's life"
You could hear her smiling as she thought of a cheerful line. "Great... now"
Nick couldn't believe how happy this simple call made him, then a thought struck him... "I like her," He said aloud.
"Who now"
"Uh, umm"
"Aww, come on tell me who"
That is what started it.


"Haha, I can't believe you did that!" Marie said laughing like a madly drunk woman.
"Heh, well you did ask me to slap your ass." Nick replied.
"I never meant you to hike up my skirt first, everone saw my thong"
Nick grabbed her tight and kissed her passionately. "And now, they're all insanely jealous that I'm the only one you'll let do that"
She giggled and blushed slightly, he kissed her warm cheek.
"And that too."


The Bride's March filled the chaple as the glowing gorgeous Marie stepped down the eisle in her dad's arms. She stepped up to Nick and they shared a deep meaningful glance.

"I hear they have written their own vows"
"This is correct father"
"I," Nick started, "promise to do more for Marie then any other man on the world has ever done for anyone, much less anyone they loved as much as I love her. I promise to make her cry... with happiness, until her eyes dry up, then I shall drench her in love. Forever, I am yours"
Marie cryed so hard her friend told the pastor she would read her vows later.


"I always promised I would do this one day... I promise to love this man and give him whatever he desires that I can deliver. I will do whatever for him, because I love him more than he will ever know." Marie smiled as tears ran from her eyes.

Decades passed and now, they were the kindly old couple that everyone knows. They proved that love could really work.
One day, while holding Marie's hand, Nick had to tell her something.
"You know Marie? That day you called me and we started going out, I was about to kill myself that day. You saved my life"
"NICK!" She screamed, "What's happening to your arms"
Nick looked down at his arms and they were gushing blood all over. His life fell backwards and suddenly he was a teenager again, except this time he was bleeding all over his sheets. The phone started to ring.
With his last breath he read out the name from the caller id.
"guuup, guuup, Marieeee..."