Brother, Please

When I get mad,

Or really, really sad,

I yell, I scream,

I cry.

And there's no one there,

To take it all in,

But my wall,

And the stuffed animal at my side.

Yes, call me foolish,

Call me immature,

But that stuffed dolphin,

Means more to me than the world.

It was a gift,

A gift from my brother,

When I was at the vile age of ten,

I question his wisdom,

As to give me such a thing.

It means more to me than the world,

It has so many memories,

That if I lost that dolphin,

It'd be like losing me.

My brother now,

Is too 'cool' for me,

But I remember,

When I was ten.

He played with me,

He talked with me,

He taught me the ways of the world,

How I wish I was ten again.

Now, he hardly gives me a second glance,

He never says hello,

But I remember from when I was ten,

Ever so long ago.

I can still hope that he will return,

Return my brother, please,

For I need you,

Even if you don't need me.

My Note- This is real. I wrote it for myself, because I miss him. I see him everyday, but it's not the same. You don't have to like it. I didn't write it for you. I wrote it for me. But, by any random chance, if you liked it, press that little review button and leave me a little note. And check out my other stories and poems. Aryanda