One Dream Away from Reality

Chapter 1

As I sat and stared at the TV wishing, I could be one of those pretty models on the commercials or the pretty actresses in the movies. Although I should just be happy, the way I am. Well that is what my mother is always telling me. I just feel I should be doing something else instead of being a normal person I feel that I could be doing better things for my mother and I. Instead of living in this, run-down apartment and going to high school. There has to be other things for me in this world. I want a different life.

"Hey, Hun what do you want for dinner?"

"I don't care."

"Well, I'm going out on a date tonight so I would like to fix you something before I go."

"Its fine I can make myself a pizza later, or I could order myself one. Money" I said with a big smile on my face.

"Ok its take out pizza for you."

"Cool thank you so much!" I said getting up and hugging her.

"Hun can you come and help me pick out a dress for this date?"

"Yes." I said while going and turning off the TV.

It's no big deal I have seen Honey a million times. I walked back to my mother's bedroom where she was throwing dresses on her bed.

"Which one I don't know what to wear!"

"Calm down mom."

I looked through the dresses on her bed while she sat down on the chair next to her vanity. Then I saw my favorite dress out of all her dresses. I picked it up and looked at it. It was perfect she would look like a queen.

"How about this one mom?"

"Isn't it a little over doing it?"

"No he will like instantly fall head over hills for you."

"Really you think?"

"Yeah so when do I get to meet him?"

"Not yet, I want to make sure were together for awhile before you meet him. I don't want you to fall in love with him and we end up only dating a few times. You know?"

"You haven't told him that you have a daughter yet have you?"

"No, I don't think it's the right time yet."

"God mom once he finds out he is going to run. You are better off telling him now."

I was so mad at her for not telling them first off. She always waited until later to tell them she had a daughter then they go and run off because they don't want to be with someone with a kid. I was furious at her for this she was only hurting herself. I hated to see her after a big break up because of me. I was so furious I ran to my room. I held back my tears. I haven't cried since dad left when I was five years old.

"Kat!" I heard my mother yell at me.

I got to my room and slammed the door. Why did life have to be so complicated? I don't understand why I couldn't be what I wanted and why couldn't guys understand that my mom has a daughter? Why do they always run when they find out? I just wish sometimes that I didn't make my mothers life so complicated. Why was I born? I sat on my bed waiting for her to knock on my door to see if I was ok. She always did whenever I was furious or upset about something. I held back my tears I couldn't cry over this; in addition, I don't cry. I heard her knock.


"Honey, you ok?" she asked while coming in.

"Yeah, sorry."

"Can we talk about this tomorrow night I really got to go he's going to be here in 20 minutes."

"Ok that's fine."

Then she just stood there and it was awkward silence for a few minutes then the phone rang. She ran into the kitchen to answer it.

"Hello?" I heard her say.

I walked out of my room and sat at the kitchen table.

"Yeah, hang on."

She turned to me.

"It's Aubrey. Do you want to talk to her?"

"Yeah sure." I said and then she handed me the phone.

Then my mother left the room.

"Hey Aubrey."

"Hey Kat, want me to pick you up tomorrow for school?"

"Yeah that's cool."

"I need to talk to you but I know my parents are probably listening in on this call so I rather tell you in the car tomorrow."

"That's fine, I got to order pizza anyway."

"Ok bye, see you tomorrow at 7:30."

"K bye."

I hung up the phone and stared down at the pizza hut coupons. Aubrey was a popular girl and she has been my friend since kindergarten. She looks like those models and actresses. I'm not popular though, I don't want to be anyway. I hang out with my friends at school and she hangs out with her friends at school. She gives me a ride to school every once and awhile but when we are at school she doesn't really talk to me because she doesn't know what the other popular girls would say. I wonder what she has to tell me.

"Bye Hun. Don't eat too much pizza."

"I wont, bye have fun."


"Don't forget to tell him mom." I said as she walked out the door.

She went out the front door and locked it. I picked up the phone and ordered my pizza. They told me it would be about 20 minutes. I sat down on the couch and finished my homework. Then I turned on the TV. Will and Grace was on so I started to watch it. Then the doorbell rang. I got up grabbed the money and the coupon and opened the door.

"Hi." I said.

"Hi, here's your pizza and the total is 9 dollars."

I took the pizza and handed him a 20.

"Hang on I will get your change."

He had black hair and it was shaved at the bottom and combed to one side. I wonder if he has a mohawk and just doesn't wear it when he's working. He had black nail polish and the most beautiful blue eyes though, but he was a punk and I don't date people who dress or act like that.

"Want to come in while you dig for change in you pocket?"

"Sure." He stepped in and shut the door behind him.

I put the pizza on the table and turned around and he was holding the money out to me. It was exactly 11 dollars. He deserves a tip. I gave him back 5 dollars.

"I know it's not much of a tip but this is as much as I can give you."

"Its fine you don't have to tip me."

"But you came before you were suppose to and you were so polite. Please let me tip you."

"Ok." He said taking the 5 dollars.

He walked to the front door, opened it, and stepped out.

"Thank you."

He turned around and smiled.

"Your welcome."

I went back inside the apartment, locked the door, sat, and ate my pizza while watching TV. I went to bed about 10pm.