A – Amerial – Jrayman's fosterling. Has a very influential father, but is ?seventh? son. of second wife. Black hair, silver eyes.

B – Brayden – Jrayman's son. brown & brown hair & eyes

C – Cwery – Jrayman's other fosterling. He's a third son. his father isn't as influential. Blonde ringlets, blue eyes.

D – Dinael – is the leader of the 'bandits.' In actuality is an undercover agent for the king. Auburn hair, pale green eyes.

E – Edward – plain, average, easily forgettable features. Blends well. Extremely serious about his job. Is one of the kidnappers who picks up Amerial. Brown & brown

F – Felix – Dinael's second in command, jests quite a bit with Dinael, but can be completely serious about his job. Also a kidnapper of Amerial. Red hair, hazel eyes.

G – Gavin – gruff, short with people, but devoted completely to his 'cause.' One of the four kidnappers. Dark hair, bushy eyebrows, thick

H – Heidi – only woman kidnapper. Expert swordswoman, hates to cook. Masculine, dark cropped hair, pale colored eyes.

I – Isabelle – Dinael's older sister. He drags her along on his missions because she refuses to leave him and Felix (mostly Felix). Light blonde hair, curly (lighter than Cwery's), pale green eyes

J – Jrayman – keep nobleman, Brayden's father. Is accused of treachery, but is innocent. Brown & brown.

K – Kilian – guard captain/advisor of Jrayman. EVIL VILLAIN

L – Luminosity – Dinael's horse. A mare.

M – Mark – random bandit. Takes care of Luminosity after they move to the Shiravel Ruins.

N – Nicholas – the poor lil boy who delivered the message from the bandits to Brayden.

O – Owen – Cook's helper at the bandit camp.

P – Penelope – Cook at the bandit camp.

Q – Querila – One of Jrayman's advisors.

R – Raphael – Another of Jrayman's advisors. DEAD.

S – Severin – Kilian's spy in the bandit camp.

T – Thaelin – Armorless knight who took Dinael under his wing. DEAD.

U – Ulrika. Dinael's sister-in-law/queen

V – Valère. Dinael's younger brother/king

W – Wíeke. Dinael's other brother/tried to usurp/is banished

X – Ximun. Kilian's henchman #1. DEAD.

Y – Yuri. Gate guard. Lets Amerial out to stop Felix's 'attack' on the keep.

Z – Zaria. The Keep's head healer.