You look at me like I'm different
I'm not the same as you
Not smart; not pretty
Don't want to be
The way you want me to

They tell me I'm a bad girl
Can't do anything right
I'm mean; I'm stupid
Doesn't take much
To make me want to fight

It's not my fault that Daddy hurts me
And Mommy makes me cry
Brother, he's swearing
Sister, she shouts
I never once asked why

It's not my fault I broke the window
It just got in my way
I'm dumb; I'm clumsy
I make mistakes
For which I'll have to pay

It's not my fault that I hurt Sister
Wanted to see her bleed
Sharp knife, crimson blood
Shut her up good
It can't be wrong, this deed

It's not my fault they took me away
From Mommy and from Dad
Locked up, locked away
Troubled child
And all because I'm bad

So what do they do when I'm grown up
And I'm no longer small?
When pain means nothing
A razorblade
To take away it all

It's not my fault that I hurt Daddy
I made my Mommy cry
Brother is sobbing
They keep on saying
I'm much too young to die

It's no one's fault I've slipped away
From fears you cannot quell
Hurt gone for new pain
Not so painful
See you all in Hell