Breaking My Bonds

I see her there in the back of my mind

Holding a candle and looking so kind

I yearn for the heat emitted from its glow

To melt my prison of ice and snow

Her billowing skirts are as stiff as her smile

Her lingering gaze says we'll be here a while

I silently plead for my unlikely escape

My fingers scrabble to catch hold of her cape.

I close my eyes as sweat drips off my brow

I know that I must reach her somehow

My fingers swipe the rigid stone

And from her the statue, I hear a groan.

A light shines forth from her eyes

And envelopes my cage of ice

It's brilliant glare breaks through the walls

And I hear her soft whispering calls.

I look directly into the dazzling light

And see the lady in shimmering white

She holds out her hand and calls to me

And I know that I am finally free.

-Laura Ellis (04-11-2005)