Tell me is it hard

To answer my call

To press that button

On your phone

To speak up

To say hello

To hear me talk

It's not like it's too much

Is it?

Will it make you lose something?

Make you cry

Or make you tell a lie

Do I bore you?

Make you sleepy and dreamy

Does hearing my voice

Makes your worse day worst?

Does it kill?

That makes you squeal

For your life

Does it burn your ears?

Or eyes?

Or skin?

Is it too much

To hear me say

I miss your touch

Tell me

Is it the way I talk

My stories

Or the sound of my laughter

That makes you sick

Why you're on your bed

With an aching head

Too irritated

To far to reach

The phone that rung on and on

Each unanswered call

Costs a cut

A blood that drips

Tell me now

I don't know anymore

What to think

As I make

My final call for the day

Coz in the next few minutes

I'll be dead

With a phone in my hand

Here in my bed