thank you to Celtiar, who gave me some suggestions- I feel special!! this has been changed a little(namely the title and this a/n), but I think I still have to note that Salheilwen is pronounced Sallivan, and that this is supposed to be in italics- it's a flashback.

They stood before the audience together- the pale but radiant queen, the solemn but thankful king.

"And to you, sire, we present your children." The courtier stepped back, as the royal midwives stepped forward together. They were dressed in the standard dress for maidens to the Queen- a white silk underdress, with a tight bodice and sleeves, and an overdress that was little more than a large piece of red silk, draped around their shoulders, arms and body, and making a hood over their heads. They were forbidden to speak, but smiled shyly at the Queen, as they knelt and held up the bundles in their arms for the royal couple to see.

The Queen's face broke into a joyful smile, as she tried to pick up both of her daughters at once.

"Wait," said the King, his mutter echoing slightly though the great hall. "Which was born first?" he asked the maidens.

The maiden on the left stood, and showed him the baby she carried- a healthy, pink, chubby armful, with a fuzzy halo of black hair, wrapped in a pale blue blanket. She tugged on the blanket, and then pointed to the baby's tightly closed eyes, indicating their colour.

The King held up his one-month old daughter, and showed her to the audience of nobles. "This is your heir," he rumbled loudly. "Let her be named Kadyet. She shall be your beauty."

The nobles clapped and cheered, and rushed forwards to bestow their wishes on the baby Kadyet. She muttered fretfully in her sleep, but did not wake.

All the while, the Queen stood in the background, staring down at the smaller, forgotten, baby. "Let her be named Salheilwen," she whispered, brushing the baby's pink cheek with a soft, perfectly shaped hand. "She shall be your guide."