Chronicles of Moonlight

Rating: PG
Genre: Adventure
Setting: all over the place!
Main Characters: Eiko, Elco, Geno, Jet.

Note from the authoress: damn I wish this was real life! I'd love to have this much excitement in my life! But as it is…believe it or not none of this ever actually happened. Despite the fact I'm one of the characters! Btw, for anyone reading this who's played Sudeki, I'm sorry, but I loved the name Elco for a scientist-type person, which is why he's in this fic! But it isn't the Elco from Sudeki, he's my own personified Elco. Actually, the weaponry in it are similar to Sudeki as well. Lets just say that Sudeki was my starting point for this fic. That didn't actually make much sense to me, but never mind. I'm gonna stop rambling now and tell you what I wanted to say: this is set in a different world. Not earth, so any scientific theories you find are not necessarily true to earth Scientifics! Thank you, and enjoy the chronicles! oh, yeah, and I'm sorry if I keep going from past to present tense.

Chronicle One. First Meeting.

I gazed around at my three best friends, my mind going over the events that had happened. I had met them by chance, and we had turned into an unstoppable team. There were four of us, each with our own special abilities, contributing to our group. There was Jet, a warrior, and one of the best fighters I had ever seen in my life. Then there was Geno, he was generally an adventurer, or an explorer, an expert in agility, and breaking into things. Elco, the third member of our group, he was a scientist. He was a skilled hacker, and he came up with all sorts of inventions, which often helped us. Then there was me. I often felt like the most insignificant member of the group. I'm a writer, and the only female member of the group. However, I had been told by many that I could twist practically any situation to my advantage. We worked together, under the command of Sylvia, a good friend of mine, although I didn't discover her true identity until much later. But I'm getting ahead of my self. Perhaps I should start at the beginning.

My name is Eiko. I'm a writer. Before I met my friends, I worked for a magazine, writing stories for them, often fictions, although sometimes real life stories. My latest assignment was to go to the Elven kingdom of Adria, to dig up some dirt on the elves. It was a dangerous assignment, placing my life in jeopardy. You must understand that at this time Elves and humans were enemies. There had been a huge war between the humans and the elves, about a century ago. This had led to conflicts ever since. I had no idea how I was ever going to manage to infiltrate Adria, but I had no choice. I hated elves when I set out on this assignment, as much as any other human. You heard stories all the time, about how elves had sneaked into people's house, and kidnapped their children, it was a natural reaction for most to fear and hate the elves. Anyway, as much as I tried I could not weasel my way out of this assignment, so, dejectedly I headed towards the woods of Ari. But I was not one to let something like this upset me. At least, not just yet. I sauntered out of my house, the day I planned to go to Adria. As I neared the edge of the village I felt sick. Obviously the air of bravado had worn off. I realised I had to go out into the wild, alone, with no weapon. The thoughts going through my mind at this time ran along the lines of I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die. Still, I took a deep breath and left the town, heading towards the woods.
I couldn't stop thinking about what lay ahead. I kept thinking, I could just run for it and never return to my town. But something stopped me. The idea that me running away would prove to everyone that I really was a coward. They had whispered it behind my back for so long, saying that was the reason I wrote fictions, and didn't go out getting real stories. I couldn't bear to prove them all right. So, against all of my better judgement, I headed to Adria.

Fortunately, my journey across the vast plains leading to it were relatively uneventful. As was my journey through the start of the woods. But as I neared the place which was rumoured to be the start of Elven territory, things took a turn for the worse. As I neared a rocky outcrop, my pace slowing dramatically at every step, I heard a shout. The next thing I knew I was confronted by three bandits. I gave a yelp of horror, as they advanced, cutlasses pointed at me. One of them lunged at me, I dodged, just in time, avoiding his strike. The second lunged at me, and I spun, again managing to avoid his blade. This time, I tripped though, and fell to the ground. One of the bandits pinned me, sword poised, waiting for the order to slit my throat. I groped desperately around in the leaves, searching for a rock or anything heavy enough for me to put up a small fight. My fingers felt a sharp edge, of a stone. I grasped it, and swung it upwards, hitting the bandit squarely in the head. He let out a gasp, and slumped down, I kicked him off of me, and scrambled to my feet. The bandits stared, surprised at their fallen comrade. They had obviously not expected a girl to manage to knock him out. I glanced down, seeing a trickle of blood running down from his head.

"You'll pay for that girly." the leader hissed. I felt resentment for being called girly, and as the second of the bandits rushed me I dodged, this time, applying a blow to the back of his skull as he staggered past me. I felt thankful that the bandits were so stupid, that they kept trying the same thing. But my moment of happiness were short lived, as I felt a burning pain fly through my right arm. I dropped the rock in shock, and looked down. A large, deep slash ran the length of my arm, blood flowing freely over my skin, and dripping to form a puddle on the ground. It was clear in a second, from the leer on the leaders' face, that he had struck, just as I dodged the other bandits lunge. The pain was overwhelming. I dropped to my knees, feeling weak from the loss of blood. I was expecting the bandit leader to kill me at any moment. I saw his feet approach me. I seemed to have lost all of my energy. I was expecting him to strike at any minute. What I didn't expect was him to shout out in pain, and drop down in front of me, an arrow sticking out of his back. My brain numbly put the facts together. Somebody had shot the bandit leader. I wondered numbly who could have saved my life. Someone dragged me to my feet. I forced my eyes to focus, and tried to stop the blackness that was threatening to overwhelm me. I gazed into the face of the person who had rescued me. I felt to groggy to be shocked by who my rescuer was. He was clearly an elf. His pointed ears, and almond shaped eyes gave that much away. But he was beautiful, unlike all of the stories I had heard about elves. He looked practically human, and he had long blond hair falling around his face, almost like a waterfall. His eyes sparkled green with the reflection of the sun through the leaves of the trees. The world was fading slowly away though, as I lost consciousness, and I collapsed against the elf