Letting it all go

Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: Here's another one. I don't like this one too much though. Basically this poem is a lil bit of everything. Hate, anger, stubbornness, forgiveness, and yes even loss. I don't know. I was in a weird place when I wrote this, and I've been feeling so bored lately. Just give me a diet coke, and a bag of chips and I'll be alright. Until then you know the drill.

I can't be angry at you

Though heaven knows I've tried

Nor can I forget the way you've hurt me

Or the way I've cried

I can't place the blame on you

Not when I share part of the blame

I can't blindly ignore you

Nor curse out your name

What can I do now

When I'm not ready to forgive

So stubborn am I

Is this the way to live

CURSES I'm so lost

I can't tell my up from my down

I still don't understand it

Why are you still around

Please give me time to forget

And please let me properly grieve

Even though your no longer around

These memories of you will never leave