by: trista groulx

I once was, a sister, an advisor, a friend,
I once wasmore then this, now, today
You once were my sister, my confidant, my friend
You oncewere my "big sis" and even more,
Sitting in our beds, we hid, we spoke, we plotted,
We advised in ways that friends never can
We once were something just a little more.
More then these quarrels, more then these harsh tones
We once shared a moment, or even two,
Maybe more, even many, once upon a time
Tell me, what happened to us exactly?
Tell me what actually changed between us both?
Is this really growing up and becoming adults?
Is this what the "grown-ups" used to speak of?
They'd always say when we used harsh words,
One day you'll love your sister much more
You once knew all of my deep dark secrets
Can you now name even one, just one?
We once shared, our dreams, our wishes, our everything
And hopedto one daybe even closer
We're both grown up now, you know?
Is this relationship what you thought it would be?
I once was, a sister, an advisor, a friend,
I oncewassomething more then this
You once were, my advisor, my friend,
Yoonce weremore then just my sisters
We once were, sisters, advisors, friends.
We once dreamed of something a little more then this
Our dreams seems far removed for us today
Our reality a kind of living nightmare, nothing like we'd planned
Close as we were before, isas far we are now
This is nothing like we had planed, once upon a time
Once we dreamed of our futures,
Now we dream no more, cause this is all wrong