The Man-Slayer

By:Andrew Troy Keller

Once upon the time of great despair,

There had once lived a mighty dragonslayer

Named Dagron,who had roamed the land

In search of adventure with his loyal band

Of knights who had once served King Oliver

Until his assasination by a dragon''s claws.

Then one day,a squire said that he saw

A pair of giant wings and a blast of flame

Destroying a nearby town which had came

Under attack of the man-killer''s claws.

After they had arrived at the town and

Spotted their quarry,the hearty band

Of dragonslayers had followed their leader

In charging towards the evil man-slayer

With their mighty swords in their hands.

It was dragon flesh against mighty steel

In a clash of good versus the ultimate evil,

Until the man-slayer has himself been slain

By the one man who has had enough pain.