Leave Everything Behind

It must be so easy for you

To sit back and assume

That everything's all right

Cause you don't see my tears late at night

Pack up and go; you think it's that simple

Go with the flow is what we're to do

But if we do

Then we'll definitely move

Cause you won't know

Anything cause we just don't show it

You think we don't have a say

You want this so badly

You'll do anything

Even stick me in a school full of strangers

And force me to leave my friends behind

Oh, sorry, did you forget?

It's my life too

Where I am in high school

Can determine where I go to college

Which determines my destiny


To throw someone as ambicious as I

Into the vast unknown with no foundation

Is the worst

Cause all my support

My friends

Would be all the way in another state

The cushion I need to fall back on

Would be miles and miles away

So how can you possibly expect me

To just leave?

Leave everything behind?