How could I possibly make it

Without you by my side?

To catch me as I fall

And help me back up

What am I supposed to do?

What am I supposed to say?

How do I tell you everything?

How can I possibly make words?

I couldn't bear to think of life

Without you nearby

Always close

But never really close enough

Yet, I've come so close

Many a time

To having you stolen away

By the cruel way of luck

Trying to push my awya

Or by the malicious demons

That live inside of us

Try to convince us that our lives

Are pointless

I almost lost it

All those times

And I almost lost you

All those times

But if I did lose you

Would I lose it?

Go insane?

Fly off the edge?

Or maybe I would be "okay"

After much time

Maybe, just maybe

I could be "okay"

But the only question is

Is "okay" really enough?