I've got a sneaking feeling again…

I'm afraid of Americans

In the world of grand subordination…

I'm afraid of the US government

-- If a nation is on the verge of change

Let it be imposed by Americans

The economic consequence

Might just outweigh their money spent

If the locals decide to protest

America has guns and tear gas!

So let the imperialists stomp round and round

Soon to overrun the Security Council

Terrorize nations in the name of justice

No human being is above them

I'm afraid of Americans

The DoD, the CIA

Foreign policy on a whim

Is now the will of Congressmen --

Righteous though divisive…

I'm afraid of Americans

Feel safer with the door locked…

I'm afraid of the US government

-- Religious pogroms soon to be law

World's dictators soon to fall

So we can all hail

- crazed, amazed -

The new Emperor, the New Rome

So we can look with glittering eyes

At Western ideals vandalized

Don't you break partisan lines!

Voice dissent; you're despised

By the neo-cons in command

I'm afraid of Americans --

Walk the plank, don't you wait

The US is looking the other way

They nudge me with a barrel of a gun

I'm afraid!, oh now I'm afraid.