Where is Jenna Walker?

I really don't know what to do anymore. They keep coming. They come, they do their business… And they leave. But it's going too far, now.

"Where is Jenna Walker?"

The town is in an uproar. A cute little girl, ten years old… Summerside School's prized gem… Poster child for perfection, golden curls, blue eyes and those pretty little dresses… Gone. One day she's there, playing on the swing set with her friends, and the next day she isn't.

Jesus. Even her parents don't know when she disappeared. Was it during the night? Early morning, when she went into the yard to pick flowers for the table? Nobody knows.

Any suspects? No. Any leads? No. And me, sitting here with my façade of ignorance… I'm sorry, Mr. Walker, Mrs. Walker. We're doing the best we can. Please. Be patient, pray. We'll find her.

Empty words. Did you ever hear such empty words? I know what's going on. They don't keep me in the dark about anything they do.

I wish I was blind, and could blind the whole town… And put those hearts back together with the same false tape that is holding my sanity.

Notes: Well, this one kind of caught me off-guard while I was chatting it up with some friends. I don't know... Inspiration just hit me. I was trying to deliver a sort of monologue, communicate remorse and helplessness through this character, who's a cop, in my mind. You cna take it however you like, I hope it's a flexible piece.