"Closed Door"

Tall and proud

She works the crowd

No blemish or fault to be seen

She hides everything inside as if behind a screen

All see her as perfect in every single way

No one sees her at the end of the day

Behind the closed door

Her feelings can hide no more

They unravel and fall

She has no more strength to cover them all

She flings herself to the bed

Burying her head

Out pour the feelings of her heart

With ever beat new tears start

The drops just fall right from her eyes

And hit the pillow as she cries

The hours tick by and turn into day

Her tears never went away

A new day is here at last

And once again she must push feelings past

She will put them in a bottle and will not let them out

Until another night comes about

That night will be her friend

For her feelings can come out again

Only when behind the closed door

Her feelings can hide no more