look of 'yes we know you're a screw-up'
tone of 'keep pissing on your shit life'
abdomen cracks;
shall we bring up the past?
history repeats.
i fail.

borrowing time-
but how long may i have it?
not really something you can borrow
not something you can lose-
just something you are always running after-

rip out a page from my, favorite, book; so damn
it condemn it to a life of… wondering

but why am i given so many chances?

it is still warm
where i was
you thought i timid dance?not in the frenzy disco
you thought i don't think you did
(wh isper s) Laughed into your dumbo ears hungryhungry

to rumors.

makes mix tapes for herself
fresh air gives her a headacheheartburn
and is she seeking approval-
(trust)you don't even want(me)to know what she thinks
when she hears
say that – i hate, just, hate, standing around like this idiot
necessity tears open &
are exposed to the world

well i have learned not to pay heed
but she has not.
and we both consider unrepentantBetrayal!
punishable with exclusion from our tea parties

we are patient for retribution.
where i was-
still warm.

blast-off angel
burn wings and ashes (oh how i)
float up propelling peaceful (oh how i love her) dreaming
up, up.
smile. we smile.

i love driving down the broken roads with myself
and her
and all of us
all of-

but why am i given so many chances?
when what i need is to be murdered.
at least let her stay (oh how i love her) – cause

she's the prettiest part of me.


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