This is the first chapter of a story written by a friend of mine. All reviews welcome!

"Bizarre Tales From Kilblightly-on-the-Wold"


Elspeth Harbottle woke to find a dragon on her bed.

Not some 10 ton leviathan breathing fire, smoking a few rings or venting a little gas (after all it is better out than in). Not some angry Smaug or some stupid green thing that some boy called Elliot claimed he saw. Next time he had better stick clear of the mushrooms.

But a rather tiny dragon. Hiccoughing.

But it wasn't the only one. All across Kilblightly small dragons were appearing. Some on beds. Some in laundry baskets. Some even inside budgie cages. All hiccoughing. The hotline to the local radio station, Wanton FM (based in the old chinese takeaway), was jammed. The editor of the local newspaper, Phileas Fogg (no relation to the cartoon nor the very appetising snacks manufacturer at Medolmsley Road, Consett), had not heard of such a plague. Not since the great Measles Massacre of 1727.