Prologue-The dream...

There was a terrified and pained scream.

She wanted to run toward the scream, to save them, but someone beside her told her no.

Keep running this way, the little boys' voice said.

She knew he was right, but she felt so bad for leaving the one behind that awful scream.

She realised she was carrying something, or someone, and needed to think of that first.

The boy did too. Something... red?

Then, the boy and the thing she was carrying vanished. She felt like her feet were now stuck in mud. She couldn't move very fast. Hardly at all.

Keep going!Someone said from all around her.

No, no more. Can't...


Robyn bolted up in her bed. Despite the cold night, she was now sweating.

She tossed her blankets off her and got up, moving to her window. It overlooked the backyard, and she saw their dog was on it's back, sleeping peacefully.

With a grunt of effort, she managed to slide her window up, and stuck her head out to feel the cool air on her face.

"That same dream keeps haunting me" she said to no-one, even though she knew it was no dream.

It was a memory. One that terrified her every time she thought of it. That scream would always remind her of...

Outside, she saw the next door neighbours back porch light come on, and the middle aged man step out and look upwards.

He usually liked looking up at the stars at all hours of the morning. He said it was because he couldn't see them as brightly any other time. Weird man? Yes. Nice, but weird.

If he knew what my life was like before he met me, he'd probably call me the crazy one, she thought to herself, watching as he smiled upwards, as if finding something really amazing up in the sky.

Robyn, now feeling cold again, closed her window and went back to her bed, wrapping herself in her blankets.

She knew why she was having that dream again. It was telling her what she should do.

She had all she needed. She just wondered if she could actually do it.

It's been so long, I'd almost forgotten...

But she had to do it. It would put others at risk, but it might actually save someone's life in the process.

I have to. I've got...