Epilogue- To Live

8 years forward...

Jess watched the waves crash against a rock face a few miles off. She decided it was beautiful. The best place for Evan to have his wedding. The reception would be at a beach club house just a few minutes walk away, but Jess seemed to be more comfortable here for the time being.

"She's late" Evan muttered beside her, and she couldn't help but laugh.

"Don't you know? Brides are always late for their weddings. It's tradition"

"Oh great" He smiled at her, and she could tell he was feeling good anyway.

All five had kept in touch since that awful day, the day when they were finally freed from their past. Evan had also found a way to keep in touch with his biological father, who was now standing a few feet off, talking to the few other guests that were there.

"Oh don't worry, I'm sure Kirsten will be here soon. Just give her time. She wants this day to be just as perfect as you do" Jess fussed with Evans collar, since he'd somehow gotten it folded under his jacket.

"I'm glad you're here Jess"

"So am I"

Robyn and Michelle were there as well, both as bridesmaids. Neither of them looking very happy at the arrangement.

Thankfully, the bride arrived a few minutes later, and the entire wedding was a success.

Jess thought she saw Devon almost cry once.

"It was the sun in my eye" He had insisted.

A little while after the reception was over though, Jess strolled back out onto the beach, taking her shoes off as she did.

The sand felt good beneath her toes, and she once again felt good to be outside.

But when she was about to leave the flower girl came running up to Jess. She had silky jet black hair and bright green eyes.

"Hey sweetie, what's wrong?" She asked the five year old as she clung to her dress.

"Want to stay with you"

"What about daddy?"

"No, he looks funny"

"But don't I look funny too?"

"No" Jess laughed and picked the girl up, who wrapped her arms around Jess's neck.

"What's up with her? She ran away from me and..." Devon stopped, looking confused. He'd run out of the reception area after her.

"She wants to stay with her mummy, and she thinks daddy looks funny"

He smiled, going over and hugging Jess and their daughter. Together, the three watched the waves out on the sea...


And this is where the story ends! Hope you enjoyed my revived version... and if you want more, just skip on over to my Inheritance story. The second part in my weird little trilogy.

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