Always left behind

Gods and Goddess of despair and misery

Why have you followed me all these years?

Why am I always left in your care?

But I don't care what I did to deserve this from you,

Cause I feel comfort in your arms,

And that is where I'll always belong.

Can't you hear my weeping sorrow?

And my weeping pain, that I've felt through my years

Of sadness of trying to find where I belong.

But I can't find it, because,

I'm always left behind in everything that I do,

And that is one thing that I just don't understand.

Always left behind in a world

That I never wanted to stay in at all

Always left behind in a world

That I can't call my own

I just want to find my way back home

But instead I'm,

Always left behind

To find a new path to take

Can't I just cry my way back home?

To the arms stretched out wide

From someone I know that

Has been looking for me all these years

Of my weeping sorrow and pain