Beyond the stained glass
Veo la sangre
In the shadows of hearts
Veo la horror
Inside her clasped hands
Veo la duda

In their eyes, in their eyes
Oigo sus oraciones
In their tears, in their smiles
Oigo sus temores
In my hand, in their fists
Oigo sus sueños

I see what I know
Sé lo que veo
Yet still I know not what I see
Todavía no veo lo que sé

I believed like them
Yo no creo ahora
I am not lost, they are not found
Solo ellos vagan este sendero

My fear, my dream, it is as one
Muerte usted es mi amigo

I still fear the demons
Aunque yo los llame por nombre
I still hope for angels
Aunque sus plumas son negras

Jesus, why am I falling?
¿Por qué caigo yo?

A/N- Although I have a working knowledge of it, I am by no streatch of the imagination fluent in Spanish; so if you see any errors (grammatical or otherwise) I would appreciate it if you would let me know. Thank you!

--For those of you who don't speak Spanish, the next chapter is the full English version.

--Para ustedes quienes no hablan Inglés, el tercer capítulo es una versión española.