Just a Girl
by: trista groulx

I'm sorry I'm just a girl
I can't really change that
I'm just a girl
With real girl needs
And real girl feelings
A real broken heart
Crying real tears
Tried to hide it from them all
But I'm just a girl
I'm sorry she's all I am
Normally I can hide
Keep her locked inside
But I'm just being a girl
Can't do anything more
Without your answers
I'm just a girl
Who's in distress
So run away, quick
Before you see
The real face
Not the tomboy
Hidden behind a mask
I'm sorry I'm just a girl
She's all I can be
I tried so hard to hide
But you made me show you
Show you who she was
Now you're scared
Cause I'm just a girl
Who needed a boy
A boy who couldn't deal
With this crazy girl