Best friend forever that's what I said.
But now I find you have him in your head.
I trusted you till the end best friend.
But I can understand why…
But maybe you should have kept me in the dark.
I can't really say if this has broken my heart.
But sorry to say it's a very good start.
I wish I could scream and hurt you with words.
But I can't say those things coz I don't want you to hurt.
You told me the truth and I thank you for that.
But I wish you left me in the dark I'd have been happy with that.
I have many problems and this one has hurt.
This really troubles me, I'm sorry I have to cry.
These tears I weep of crimson red,
I promised I'd never but there's too much in my head.
I feel betrayed I'm sorry my friend.
I love you forever…
But I hope this is not the end.
The worst is over now, but the damage is done.

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