Haha ha aha haha

Had s0o much fun with the

Lord of the Forest

Gave me this nice little potion

Made stuff go away

Danced around in bones

Danced around in blood

Hahah aha haha ah

Well I think it is kinda cute

All this crap

You can get into

Fuck I screwed up now

Fiend friend fiend

Pissed myself when I watched

JFK's face pop

Then rewind and repeat

Haha aha haha ah

So true

So true

So funny

My god my god

Gave me a nice little potion

Made me stick

Nine pounds of saran wrap

Down my wind pipe

And asked me if blood

Got dehydrated?

Haha aha haaa ha

Mad me sick

Chewing on worms

Watching all them MTV whores


So funny so fo0ny

Ha ha hahah aha ha

Lord of the Forest

Told me to drink down

Flip around my frown

Well now my mouth splits my face

And my tongue lulls around my waist

Don't you

Find it attractive

Haha aha aha ah aha

Dumbed down



Watch all this porn

Then call it art

Ha ah ah ah ahahahahahahahahah

Until now I posed in evil

Now I love it

Watch every goddamn


Then laughed

With Mammon by my side

Clutching my heart and my guts

As he told me

To laugh it all up

My soul was gone


So what?

So what?

So what?

Ha ah aha hahaha aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

And death smells like citrus