Chapter 5: In Which Our Ladies Recieve a Rude Awakening and Leave Chaos in Their Wake

"Where did that woman go?! Evesdropping! The very thought of it!" the Father said, ploping down on the nearest tree stump and brushing off his tuxedo.

The Son sighed and sat next to his father. "So, I suppose the ruins that plan right? We abandon it now because she is most likely telling everyone about it, right?" The Son pleaded, looking hopeful.

"Nonsense! What gave you that hare-brained idea? No! We must carry out our plan reguardless! We'll just need a little more help that's all." Father exclaimed, indignant at the very thought. "I'm sure we can find some rather nice scientist chap to help us out. Besides, you haven't forgotten our mission have you? We must retrieve her, before they get her back. That would be disastorus!"

The Son again sighed and replied in a defeated tone, "No Father, I have not forgotten..."

"Good!" Father exclaimed, "Then it's settled! We start out at once to look for someone to aid us. Now all we have to do is decide where to look!"

The Son looked around boredly until suddenly something caught his attention. It was a great big billboard proclaiming the existence of a scientific base with a rather long name. "Father? How about we start looking there?" he said, pointing to the billboard.

The Father turned to the direction indicated and a big evil grin spread across his face. "Ahh...yes! Perfect." he then broke out in a sinister laugh while The Son looked on in confusion.

"You guys! They evil dudes are THIS way!" Talc said frustrated when her two compainions took the wrong turn in the road./p p"I am aware of that." KaKisha stated matter-of-factly, not turning around.

"But-!" Talc began before getting cut of by KaKisha's raised hand.

"I need to retrieve something from somewhere before we go."

"Well gee, could you vauge that up a little for me?" Talc said irritably with a hint of sarcasim, placing her hands on her hips.

KaKisha however, remained silent and continued walking down the path, further away from where Talc stood. "Hey hey! I'm talking to you!" Talc shouted after her. When she again did not reply, Talc let out growl of vexation and ran after them.

"Anger never got anyone anywhere, Talc." Wesa stated philosophically, looking back over her shoulder as Talc ran to catch up with them.

"Shut up you." Talc said angrily, matching pace with the others and trailing behind.

"Only trying to help"
"Yeah, well you can take you help and shove it up your-" WHACK! Talc fell backwards onto the ground having run into a tree branch that somehow appeared before her at waist level. Picking herself up and muttering, Talc noticed that KaKisha had a small smirk on her face.

"You stay out of this!" Talc seethed, rubbing her waist and glaring at the sorceress. Wesa giggled and Talc shot her a glare too. "These kind of things are why I prefer to travel alone!" Talc grumbled, crossing her arms and following KaKisha as she began to walk again.

"You're the one who wanted to come with us in the first place." KaKisha pointed out, not helping Talc's mood.

Wesa, sensing a fight coming close, changed the subject quickly by asking, "So, where are we Kisha-kee?"

"On the fringe of the Elder Woods. Near my old home." KaKisha stated as close to cheerfully as she had been since Wesa and her had met.

"Ah!" said Wesa, smiling and claping her hands together. "So we are going to meet your family?"

This ended KaKisha's cheerful mood abrubtly. "No." she said, retreating back into herself and speeding up her steps to put distance between herself and the others on the path.

"Did I say something wrong?" Wesa wondered aloud and Talc shrugged.

Then silence wore on, broken only by the soft thud of feet on the forest path.

Gods this is sooo boring! Talc grumbled in her mind, looking at her near silent compainions. There aren't even any men in this group! I bet they've never even HAD boyfriends. Oh, the boy's I've been with...Talc's face suddenly got a dreamy look. She noticed Wesa's face was bright red. Ha ha bet she ripped one. I don't smell anything....Ah well. God this is boring.

I wonder what the others are thinking about? Wesa thought nonchalantly, looking around at her compainons. Ah well, probably nothing I'm interested in. Talc had this really ditsy look on her face. Bet Talc is thinking about boys. Probably past boyfriends or something. Why don't I have boyfriends? As far as I know, I haven't even been kissed! I bet Talc has. I bet she's even...whoops too far down that road. Am I blushing?...................I wonder what the others are thinking about.

Family...going to see my family? I don't remember them. It's long. KaKisha sighed and glanced backwards at her fellow travlers. Idiots. Look at them. Talc is soo obviously thinking about men. Or beer. Whichever. Not that is much of a surprise since she never thinks about anything else. Heh, look at Wesa blush. It's a good look for her! She must have traveled into unwanted territory in La La Land over there. I could peek into their minds, but what's the fun in that? Besides, it's a waste of my energy. The amulet's well and good but it is only a container after all.

Eventually, the sun set on our trio and they were forced to bed down for the night. As sleeping is a rather boring process I will not stop to mention every little detail of the things that happened. However, I will mention that KaKisha and the others found themselves a soft clump of grass to lie down in.

Soon, everyone was asleep but Wesa, who couldn't figure out why. Finally, she got up and climbed up a tree to relieve her boredom. The soft swaying of the branches in the cool night breeze soon rocked her to sleep and there she was for the rest of the night.

Or, so I would like to tell you, but unfortunantly we cannot all enjoy a good nights sleep. As the compainions slumbered on, yellow eyes gleamed in the trees surrounding the camp. A soft growl was emitted from an unknown throat, a twig snapped in the distance. They crept in upon the sleeping forms of the women. They crept closer and-

"Hey! It's the sorceress she's back!"

After that, several things happened at once.

Wesa fell from her tree perch, screaming bloody murder.

Talc scrambled to her feet and accidentaly changed into a full fox, and got caught in her clothing.

KaKisha woke up yelling "What the bloody hell was that?!"

Several animals rush into the camp, surrounding KaKisha.

As I'm sure you can imagine, it took quite some time before all the confusion was settled down. When it finally did, Wesa was in a state of semi-conciousness, Talc is in a rather furry fox form and trying to figure out how to get her clothes back on without thumbs and KaKisha is glaring at the animals surrounding them.

"What do you want?" the sorceress grumbled in a tone that suggested this happened to her often. The other two blinked at her in confusion.

"It's jusssssst that you've been gone ssssssooo very long! We misssssssed you your Ladyssssship!" a large snake said from the forest floor, its tongue flicking rapidly through the air.

"EEK! The animals...TALK!" Wesa shrieked, apparently recovering from her slight concussion.

Talc blinked slowly. "You mean it's not just me? They aren't just alcohol mirages? Whoa."

"Yes they talk. No they aren't. And you are lying!" Kakisha shouted, first to Wesa, then Talc, then the animals. Lightning that seemed to have no source crackled in the distance and the sorceress jerked her hands wide in an angry gesture.

The animals cowered back into the shadows. "Yes misstress! We are sorry misstress! We enjoyed your absense!" the animals said as one, almost mindlessly.

"QUIT CALLING ME MISTRESS!" KaKisha yelled, literally catching on fire. Once again, things began to happen all at once.

The dry underbrush of the forest caught fire from the ignited KaKisha.

Wesa ran frantically, grabbing her braid and screaming something along the lines of "My hair is too pretty to burn!"

Talc, having finally succeeded in getting back into her clothes, burped and instantly regrets it. (think:

Then, Talc began running around, hand over mouth, looking for something to drink. Trys beer, but learns lesson.

KaKisha was frantically throwing water all over the place.

The animals were nowhere to be seen.